Unit 001 Pttls

Allan Birch Unit 001

Explain own roles and responsibilities, and boundaries of own role as a teacher

My actual/perceived role is one of a Training advisor, working for Talent Training UK. I deliver various QCF NVQ awards alongside BTEC Modern apprenticeships. My responsibilities are to provide candidates/learners with an initial assessment to identify the candidates (Accredited prior experience) APE– Accredited prior Learning) APL (also within those responsibilities I have to identify any areas where candidates/learners may require support and qualified teaching for special needs and learning difficulties and referring those candidates who need support/qualified teaching to the relevant agencies for the correct support.

I am responsible for following the training plan and the designing of lesson plans and course structures which fulfil the learner/candidate requirements and course outcomes required by the Awarding Bodies for teaching and assessing standards. As an Assessor/Training Advisor I also have responsibilities for teaching and mentoring Assessors in respect to the delivery and completion of the paperwork requirements laid down by QCF NVQ awards in Customer Service, Warehouse and Storage and Team Leading ensuring the Assessor fully understand the standards set by the awarding bodies and the paperwork that the company has to adhere to obtain funding.

I am only able to Teach, Assess or train in the areas where I am fully qualified either as a subject matter expert or trained and qualified to teach a subject, i.e. the teaching of Special Needs Learners and learning difficulties.

  1. Identify key aspects of relevant current legislative requirements and codes of practice within Teaching and the Learning environment.

While teaching or delivering apprenticeships or training, assessing and up-skilling I must adhere to regulations and codes of practice that are set in place by government acts, regulations and laws, also awarding body...