The issue of students wearing uniform is a very controversial matter. There are those who wish to implement a dress code and those who say it’s not necessary. I used to believe uniforms were a terrible idea, until I came to high school. I realize it’s a big help to the school and the parents. Now, I firmly believe that public school students should be mandated to wear uniforms because it would alleviate problems for both teachers and students.
In my school during the summer, I see that the faculty has to constantly reprimand students about their clothing. Many girls tend to wear short shorts, tank tops, stomach shirts, flip-flops and mini-skirts. These particular items can pose as a potential hazard. It is also a major distraction during class room instruction. Instead of wearing such revealing clothing, I feel the girls should dress in more sophisticated attire. For example, Aeropostale and Old Navy have a clothing line specifically set for students. It consists of khaki pants, polo’s and button ups.
As for the boys, they dress in inappropriate clothing, such as baggy jeans, tank tops, socks with slippers. They also tend to reveal their boxers or underwear due to the low sagging of their pants. The males should respect the school and remove their hats and du-rags as well. It’s very disgusting to see boys half dressed. It shows that they have no respect or proper upbringing. Express clothing store for men has affordable slacks and button ups for the males. American Eagle also supplies many blazers and khaki pants that they could wear.
A dress code or uniform that demands proper attire is best fit for any public school. A school where the students are dressed in an orderly fashion represents a safe and respectful learning environment. There would be no more reprimands, no disruptions, or phone calls home saying “Please bring your child a change of clothes!” Dressing appropriately for school says a lot about...