Unemployment Editorial Letter

One of today’s most pressing issues is unemployment.   The Obama administration has tried to remedy this situation with stimulus packages aimed to save and create jobs.   People’s (2011) explains Mitt Romney as stating that “the president’s idea to create jobs is to spend trillions of dollars.”   A major blemish on Obamas record is noticeable when looking at what happened to stimulus money given to one company declaring it would create jobs.   Here, Wald explains (2011) that: “Solundra, a California solar equipment manufacturer, took $528 million in government loan guarantees, then declared bankruptcy weeks later.   There was a lot more green in the way of cash, and a lot less energy and jobs than anticipated.”   Also, there appear to be difference of opinions regarding when a job should be counted as being green.   For instance, if a bus driver drives an electric bus that may be counted as adding a green job.   The problem is that the bus driver would have driven the bus if it were gas or diesel anyhow.
The Obama administration’s methods of spending to get us out of this economic slump do not appear to be working.   In my opinion the United States cannot buy their way out of this problem.   We cannot keep spending money to get jobs while not increasing taxes, and while top level managers and CEO’s are still getting bonuses and raises.   Durso (2011) explains that
“Warren Buffet believes that in regards to our current economic situation, the deck is stacked against middle class workers. He further explains that he pays just 17.4% in income taxes, while 20 of his staff’s tax rates are 33% to 41% and that many working-class are losing faith in our system.”
There apparently needs to be a way to even the playing field when it comes to taxation of the poor and rich.   Also, limiting outsourcing jobs overseas will increase
I believe this needs to be addressed from many angles and only a couple can touched upon in this short letter.   For one, Congress should focus on tax...