Undertanding Management Roles

Work based Assignment: M4.01: UNDERSTANDING THE MANAGEMENT                                           ROLE.

The organisation in relation to its purpose and its stakeholders.
My organisation is HAMILTONS, HAIR, BEAUTY AND TANNING AS WELL AS HAMILTONS HIRE-SPECIAL EVENT ROOM DRESSING. The HAMILTONS hair, beauty and tanning side is for us as an organisation to make a profit, to build up our business, to give excellent customer service and to grow our organisation, and the same goes for the Hire side. We offer all hair, beauty and tanning services and teeth whitening, with also the Room decorating Hire side which caters for all special occasions, centrepiece’s, chair covers hire etc.
Our stakeholders which are the people who directly benefit or have an interest in our organisation, these are the staff who of course make their wage and able to pay their bills, the customers who benefit from our services as they are getting the services they are seeking, the Government who we pay taxes and other business applicable moneys too,   our suppliers who we buy all our stock from regularly, The local council who we pay business rates, the landlord who we pay rent and many other business who have an interest in our organisation either directly or indirectly, people who make money from our business or benefit in some way. There objectives are to make a return on us as a business to have a knock on effect within their own business or to use us for services they require.
Our shareholders are the people who have directly invested and intend of making a profit in our company which would be: Myself, Betty Hamilton, lee Hamilton, jean crisp and all our family who help with the business in some way and help to grow and assist us as it is a family business. Our objectives are to make profit on our investment.
The organisations structure is as follows:
Caroline main             Betty Hamilton         (OWNERS)

                Samantha Gibson                         (STAFF- JUNIOR...