Undertake Home Visits Within Pathology

Undertake Home Visits.

Mr John Hughes is an elderly man who lives alone and you are visiting him to perform a blood test. He is unwell after having a prolonged bout of Gastroenteritis.
What precautions will you use when assisting Mr Hughes?
Mr Hughes may still be slightly dehydrated or at a risk of fainting during the blood test so extra precautions should be taken. He may have difficult veins due to lack of dehydration as well. Strict infection control should also be maintained at all times to.
What difficulties do you anticipate in light of Mr Hughes condition?
He could have difficult veins due to dehydration.
Could be feeling faint and unwell still.
What will you record in the request form?
I would note that has previously had Gastroenteritis, if fainting occurs and if there was any vomiting during taking the blood test. What liquids had been consumed that morning should also be recorded in case he is dehydrated.
Mrs Josephine Hopkins is an elderly client you are visiting at home. After you have successfully collected the blood test you are labelling the tubes you notice that Mrs Hopkins is not applying pressure to the site correctly. A few drops of blood spilled onto the armchair and left a visible stain on the chair.
What is your immediate concern?
Firstly I would apply extra pressure on the site to stop the bleeding and chow Mrs Hopkins the correct way to apply pressure to the site and gently explain the importance of it.
How will you deal with the blood spill and stain?
I would get the spill kit from the boot of the car and clean the spill and the stain. If the stain is a bit difficult to get up I would apologise for it occurring.

What steps could you take in future to ensure that it does not happen again?
Steps I could take include:
  * Do the blood test in another chair or area of the house with a firmer surface and no fabric that can be stained next time.
  * Place a disposable blue sheet under her arm prior to...