Understanding What Increases a Child's Vulnerability to Abuse

We recognise the need for children to take part in physical exercise and activities.   We understand that, especially in the winter months, children may not get as much ‘outdoor’ activities.   At Brick by Brick we offer outside ‘free flow’ outdoor planned activities, which take into account the stage and age appropriateness of the children in our care.
We plan our outdoor curriculum to take into account the time of year and weather conditions, and practitioners are not put off outdoor activities just because it may be cold.   We are fortunate to have large awning type umbrellas, which offer adequate shelter even during wet conditions.
We understand that as long as the children are dressed adequately for the weather conditions, they can let off steam, realise pent up energy.   Children being able to run around increases the heart rate, which is good for physical well being and can help to burn any excess calories.  
We find that outdoor physical play provides opportunities for children to play in a different way, for example, our obstacle course, will lead to children to use increased stamina and take turns playing cooperatively.

There are many influences on children’s health and safety, which can impact on their lives.   As practitioners, we have a responsibility to maintain children’s health and well-being whilst they are in our care.   However, we also need to recognise that there may influencing factors outside our control.
A child’s home can have a huge impact on their health and safety, for example they may be residing in poor housing without clean water or sanitation.   Adequate heating and ventilation is also needed for a child’s well being.  

This factor can include attitudes towards diet and viewpoints regarding suitable diets for children.   Different medical attitudes towards medical practices can also influence a child’s health and safety, for example, Jehovah’s Witnesses many of whom do not accept blood...