Understanding the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Education and Training.

Understanding the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.
1.1 Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.
Roles and responsibilities are essential to map and outline structure, to facilitate order and provide guidelines to an organisation in order to allow personal and organisational objectives to be met.
Actions and activities detailed, required or expected of an individual or group are by definition termed as ’Roles’, whilst the obligation to carry out a task or action to a successful co-ordinated conclusion are deemed ‘Responsibilities’.
Teachers or Trainers must be capable to adopt different roles and methods to engage with their learners. They may be required, for example, to act as a friend, counsellor, judge, mentor, instructor or assessor. This holistic approach and ability to adapt is essential to address different learners range of needs in order to meet successful outcomes.
A teacher has to meet a number of responsibilities in order to meet effective and successful outcomes these will include:-
• Provide a stringent and see through assessment process, utilising initial, diagnostic, formative and summative tools.
• Provide the relevant, accurate and correct information to enable successful learning outcomes. Apply currency by attending standardisation and development meetings.
• Deliver and implement teaching as planned and designed inclusively to promote and meet equality and diversity standards.
• Apply teaching strategies to take into account of learner needs and demonstrate an understanding of the boundaries of their role in order to signpost or refer to specialist teams when needed.
• Keep all records, applying confidentiality in line with organisational policies and procedures.
• Provide resources and learning tools or pathways to help learners.
• Evaluate performance and delivery, reflect and review to find out if things could be done differently.
• Develop and prosper professional...