Understanding the Role of a Social Care Worker

Assignment 206
Understanding the role of the social care worker
Task short answered questions
Ai) Explain three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship.
1) A working relationship is a relationship where the person spends time with a co-worker or client but has very limited or no contact out of the work setting. In a personal relationship personal life extra-curricular activities and social life are involved.
2) At work you are all there to do your jobs and follow the rules and codes of conduct. With personal relationships you just do what you feel comfortable and have no set rules to follow.
3) In your working role you have a professional duty of care to the individuals you support which is different to the relationship you have with your friends and family.
Aii) Give two examples of different working relationships in adult social care settings.
There are many different relationships in social care settings
• Support worker to individual you support
• Support worker to support worker
• Support worker to manager
• Support worker to manager
• Support worker to other health care professional’s
• Support worker to relatives
All of these relationships enable each individual to receive a high quality of care and receive any needs required all of these different relationships are required for effective team work and good communication.
Aiii) Explain why it is important that social care workers work in partnership with the individuals using the service and there family’s
Working in partnership with others enables you to deliver good quality social care that no one person or organisation can deliver alone.
By working with the individual you support you can learn what there wants and need are and how they can be met in ways that the individual is happy with.
Working with the individual’s family can also be very helpful and plays a big part in delivering good care they can help in many ways as they know the service user well...