Understanding the Principles and Practices of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment. Unit 1

Unit 1 LO 1.1

Internal quality assurance (IQA) is vital throughout all educational organisations for a number of different reasons. Most fundamentally IQA should aim to ensure individuals experience quality throughout their learning journey in order to achieve their goals. From the providers perspective it is important that the credibility of both the organisation and the qualification is upheld by providing support from start to finish ensuring that learners and employers have a full understanding of the qualification and the benefits upon completion.
The accuracy of assessment decisions should be regularly monitored to make sure there is quality and consistency throughout the organisation that conforms to the required standards. Where there are no formal assessments to be taken by the learner, there must be a process by which the performance of assessors is monitored. Standardisation meetings should be held to safeguard inconsistencies in the interpretation of standards and criteria.

It is key that quality assurance systems are put in place to monitor a range of aspects such as teaching and learning strategies, observation of teaching and assessment practitioners, internal verification, standardised documentation and audit processes of paperwork. Through feedback from learner, practitioners and external quality agencies these systems should be regularly evaluated to identify areas for development and improvements must be implemented when necessary.

IQA should aim to develop the knowledge and skills of assessors by providing feedback and support through procedures such as observations and a sampling plan to monitor the progress of learners. Areas for development can then be identified and support should then be given for the continuing professional development of the assessor.

Unit 1 LO 1.2

Firstly it is important that the IQA procedures are well planned and structured so the timing of the stages of quality assurance provides monitoring and support...