Understanding the Patient Intake Process

For you to understand the patient intake process, you first need to know how this process works.   The first step is gathering the information of the patient or check to see if they are a new or established patient.   To make the process to go or run smooth, the patient needs to arrive a few minutes to the appointment with the doctor.   This will able the medical office staff to obtain the information from the patient prior to the appointment time.   The intake person needs to verify the insurance information and ensure that the office visit, treatment is covered and this will help to see if a prior authorization will be needed.
The intake process can differ from facility to facility. Each type of medical facility has its own policies and requirements.   An example of this would be at a psychiatric facility, the patient might be asked if there are any friends, family members or acquaintances that could be forbidden to call.   Any information given out by the facility to such inquirers will be a violation of HIPAA regulations.
The innovation in making the intake process more efficient is controversial.   That innovation is in micro chipping patients.   This technology exists now, to a simply microchip a hospital patient so that where ever that patient goes in the hospital or even outside the facility, a medical professional can obtain access to all important medical information that may be needed.   Such as, insurance, allergies or even medication information, could be retrieved.   This technology is the biggest thing to intake process since the invention of medical alert bracelets in the 1950’s.   Just imagine, one easy, simple scan any medical intake professional could have up to 90% of the questions answered, about a patient, without a bother a given patient.   Can you see a patient coming into a doctor’s office with complications of high blood pressure and with just a scan, the information, including medication, dosage and medical history is available.
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