Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training

Task 1
As a teacher of digital inclusion I should conform to the teaching/training cycle to deliver an effective service.   An assessment should be made to ensure I know what kind of environment I’m teaching in, and to identify the learner’s individual needs if they have any problems, or need any assistance.  

I will need to structure all activities, including a suitable induction process for new learners to help them get to know the course, surroundings and their new fellow learners.   I will also need to plan lessons ahead of time and design relative documents that will help, advise and/or instruct learners.

I need to make sure I can deliver to groups and individuals, and I have to be able to incorporate the three main learning styles – visual, aural and kinaesthetic as each learner will be different from the next.   I must also be aware of any requirements due to religious commitments, physical impairments etc.   It is my job to motivate learners to want to learn by making the environment fun and interactive where possible.

I will have to assess learners so I can understand their knowledge and offer them feedback on how they have done, or how they can improve.   Keeping records of this will be of upmost importance.

It is important that the learners have a chance to give me feedback on the course and my delivery of it.   It is equally important that I take on board any suggestions that will allow me to evolve into a better teacher.

All teachers must comply with different legislation.   As a volunteer Digital Champion with Speke Training and Education Centre (STEC), I help deliver a computer and online basics course (for which I received a disclosure and barring service in accordance with STEC’s safeguarding policy) where we teach learners how to use a computer or laptop to safely use the internet.   E-safety practices include anti-virus software, internet...