Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

Unit 1: Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training
Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.
The roles, responsibilities & boundaries of a teacher, merge into each other, to the extent that they are inseparable one from the other as a lecturer/mentor. As a tutor I have had various roles, one of the first tasks of a lecturer/ mentor is too interview students that wish to join the course. This gives both the tutor and the student a brief explanation of what can be expected from each individual.   (PUT A REF)
One of my main objectives would be to teach my subject and to be able to engage and encourage my students to fulfil a positive learning experience. (put a REF)   However it is not all about teaching the main aim of a positive learning experience for students is to have a mentor that encourages them and engages with them in a positive manner as this obtains better results (REF).   I have used this approach in my past experiences and was able to engage my students in an appropriate level of understanding and also in a fun but informal way. I have always tried to deliver my sessions with lots   of enthusiasm which   I believe helped to   create a positive learning experience for my students by asking them questions so that I know that my students actually understand what I am delivering. If students don’t understand it gives me the opportunity as the tutor to adjust sessions accordingly.  
There are many boundaries to teaching which may occur is a number of ways. As a mentor I would be expected to be act in a very professional and not that of a personal nature, always acting impartial and non-judgemental. In my own personal experiences as a progression tutor I have found some negative boundaries such as meeting deadlines and targets on time, this maybe due to the fact further education (FE) colleges are more run like businesses as they in competition from other organisations for student numbers....