Understanding People and the Health Care Environment Reflection and Discussion of Group Presentation

Presentation Title:
Greta Balodis and her transition to a residential health care facility, with an emphasis on person centred care of late adulthood people   with dementia.

Brief Summary of Presentation Issue:

  Greta is an elderly patient with dementia. The main identified issue in the case scenario is the provision of quality care as the patient transitions to a residential healthcare facility. Once she relocates, Greta was not provided with person-centred care to help manage the symptoms of dementia and to lower the mortality risks of her condition. Whilst this care is essential to Greta’s wellbeing, it is important to recognize the barriers and enablers of her care at the residential facility. These barriers include ineffective communication, lack of interaction with caregivers, disconnection with services and assumptions made by nurses. Enables of Greta’s person-centred care should include support from the family, positive interactions with caregivers (based on TeamSTEPPS model) and adequate training for caregivers. The other identified issues which linked   are Greta’s psychological factors, her ability to adapt to this transitions and feeling comfortable and safe. And also the strategies the nurses and caregivers should follow to help Greta handle such situation. Moreover, financing & family education are also some of the issues as well. Financing for the transition may be a difficult task for Greta and her family. Thus the financing options available should be discussed with Greta’s family. Moreover, family education and support are also some issues in this scenario, the family members should be updated on how the residential care works, and how it is different from hospitals.
Needs of dementia patients are complex, and thus their outcomes are often poor compared to individuals without dementia (Gavan 2011, vol.   39, pp. 140-146). In addition, elderly adults with dementia have problems communicating their distress to the caregivers or nurses...