Understanding Leadership Styles

Understanding Leadership Styles    
Section 1 AC1.1
Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviour in workplace situations.
The organisation I work for is called the Community Involvement project (CIP).We deal with all communities who need interpreting services, guidance to other services such as benefit applications and where to go for education studies. We also have workshops and hold events for health awareness for cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart attack. We have started to include the deaf community as well.
My choice of leadership styles are consulting and selling. With these two styles I feel I can communicate and explain to my staff more properly and make them understand what the job entails and make them more comfortable to approach me for help and advice regarding the job. This way, I feel more comfortable and can get to know them whilst at the same time asses and look for their strengths and weaknesses. This gives them the opportunity to also understand me and my style of approach with them.
Explain why these leadership styles or behaviours are likely to have a positive or negative effect on individual and group behaviour.
My preferred style of leadership is more influenced by the collaborative approach. I sat a test which lets you know what influencing style you use with your staff. The test is called influencing styles. I found out that I was influenced by the collaborative style more than any others.
The styles for my factors are consulting and selling. My first factor of style is consulting. That means that I talk to my staff and ask for their opinions and ask questions. Then after listening to their opinions, I make my decision. This helps me to assess them and at the same time gives my staff more confidence .Also they are then more able to approach to me more easily. When I speak to my staff- I speak in an informal style. By using this manner they are less likely to feel unhappy or...