Understanding Employment

The aspects of employment covered by law are:
Anti discrimination provisions, gender, race, age, religion or disability.
Working hours and holiday entitlement
Sickness absence and sick pay
Data protection
Health and safety
Criminals records bureau checks.

The main features of current employment legislation are:
Employment Rights legislation
National Minimum Wage legislation
Employment legislation
Equalities and Discrimination law
Health and safety legislation
Working time regulations
Part Time Workers regulations.

Legislation relating to employment exists to protect the best interests of both employer and employee.   There are policies and procedures put in place and compiled with in order to protect the rights. Where an employee finds that is not complied with the employer is liable. There also exist to ensure a more cost efficient and safer working environment.

  Source of such information may be: line manager, Human Resources department, Access to Work, as well as Community Legal Advice. One of internal sources can be Company policy documentation and staff handbooks. Any advice regarding: age discrimination, dismissing employees, paternity leave and pay we can look for at ACAS. 
In Citizens Advice Bureau we get information about employment rights; according written contract, about statutory rights including the minimum wage and holiday pay. 
If we have a problem with working conditions, complaint procedures or we want negotiation of wage we can get information and advice from trade unions and representative bodies.

The terms and conditions of my contract include, probationary period, rates of pay, amount of holiday and terms of when we can take them, my set hours and code of conduct, also period of notice that needs to be given by both parties, dress code, absence and also a outline of my duties.

The information included in my pay statement includes my hours worked, my hourly...