Understand the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Education and Training.

Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and

To understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training, it is imperative for this question to be viewed distinguishing between the two distinct parts, the role of the teacher and the responsibilities.

The role of a teacher is often both formal and ongoing, ordinarily carried out in a school or other place of formal education, the role specifics may vary greatly between different cultures and age ranges, yet for all teachers the end results to work towards are the same.

The term ‘teacher’ is a collaborative starting point of all forms of education, as a teacher you are essentially a trainer, a coach, an instructor as well as an assessor. The ability in being able to combine and juggle all of these roles is often what brings success in the role of teaching.

To explain the second part of this question relating to the responsibilities in education and training, the list may be seen as somewhat exhaustive; below I will look to select some of the key areas in of teaching responsibilities in education and training.

Planning and preparation is a crucial part of being a teacher, whether this be the teaching of 3-4 year olds or 30-40 year olds, being prepared is what makes for better deliverance of the course,   some of the main factors to consider when planning and prepping for teaching are:-

• Who am I teaching? The number of learners and their study level or stage in training.  
• What am I teaching? The topic or subject, the type of expected learning (knowledge, skills, and behaviours).
• How will I teach it? Teaching and learning methods, length of time available, location of teaching session, access to patients, internet resources, and clinical skills models, etc.
• How will I know if the students understand? Informal and formal assessments, questioning techniques, feedback from learners.
• To these we might add the following.
• What do the...