Understand the Role of a Social Care Worker Level 3 Health & Social Care

Understand the role of the social care worker
Unit A/602/3113
1.1 Working relationships need to be effective for the employer and the employee and to obtain this communication is key. A working relationship differs from a personal relationship in that there has to be respect and boundaries.
In working relationships you have to consider professional codes of conduct, policies and procedures and be able to relate to another persons views or beliefs.

1.2 A working relationship can at times be as close as a friendship. We spend a lot of time at work and in care we often spend long periods of time working with colleagues in close proximity.
Working within a team takes time to adjust and settle however the benefits are great, a colleague can often recognise when you are having difficulty in a particular area of work or having problems at home which may be affecting your work, they can also boost morale if they acknowledge something you are doing particularly well.
Staff are more likely to confide in each other rather than go to a manager if they are seeking advice.
It is important for staff to have a professional relationship with healthcare officials such as district nurses or GP’s and this will be a different working relationship to one with your colleagues.

2.1 You should have a clear job description before you start your job so you understand what your duties and responsibilities are, your job description will include information such as responsibilities of your role, place of work, who you are responsible to and for if that is the case. It should state your rate of pay and the hours you are expected to work. All these factors will indicate what is expected of you. It will ensure that you are working to a level that is acceptable for your level of qualification.

2.2 Agreed ways of working ensures staff are following policies and procedures and code of conduct. It is about performing to the standard that was agreed at the beginning of employment....