Understand the Principle of Developing Positive Relationships with Children and Young Adults

1.1 Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults

Communication can support positive relationship if there is respect between all learners and staff. In order to gain respect you must be able to accept other’s   views even If   they may be different to your own, value their opinions and show an interest in what they are doing, you can do this by sharing ideas with piers and staff.
Good communication is also built around trust and privacy, knowing when someone may need your help and when to wait to be asked. Not all learners are willing communicators so it's important to know the individual in which you are dealing with pushing the learner to talk could push them further away.
When the trust and respect is established this will enable your relationship to grow and will create a sense of belonging and security, the learner will feel comfortable when approaching you this will   allow negotiations and reinforcement to be affective,   which will lead to a good self belief and   will then enable you to support learning and encourage effective teamwork.

1.2 Explain the principles of a relationship building with children, young people and adults

In order to build a good relationship you must recognise and treat everyone as individuals.
You must encourage positive relationship between the learners and members of staff. To do this you must build a positive relationship with each learner to gain respect, trust and honesty from each child. You should be friendly, approachable, understanding and caring to each other: To give support, praise whenever possible, and encourage social skills, by allowing children to work together in pairs, groups or as a whole class. When children feel valued as a team member it builds their confidence and self-esteem which in turn will allow them not to be afraid to speak out. As their confidence grows, they will have learnt to share, have good communication and...