Understand the Potential Effects of Transitions on Children and Young People's Development

Task 5 – Identify the transitions experienced by most children and young people

Transitions are changes that happen in a child's life – these changes can be an exciting and positive time but sometimes they can be unsettling and challenging to a child and therefore it is important that they receive support from staff at school and parents to ensure theses transitions go smoothly.

The transitions that most children go through are:
- Starting Nursery/Preschool
- Moving from Preschool to Primary school
- Moving from Reception to KS1
- Moving from KS1 to KS2
- Puberty
- Moving from Primary to Secondary school
- Moving from KS3 to KS4/GCSE’s
- Moving from Secondary school to Higher Education or employment

Task 6 – Identify the transitions that only some children and young people may experience e.g. Bereavement

Transitions experienced by some children are often unexpected and can be life changing which can make them more difficult to manage.

The transitions that some children go through are:
- Bereavement
- Parents splitting up
- Introduction of new parental partner
- New sibling
- Moving house
- Illness or injury
- Moving country

Task 7 – Describe with examples how transitions may affect children and young people’s behaviour and development

Transitions are periods of change during a child's life – they can be an unsettling and challenging time particularly if the transition is unexpected. They can cause a child distress and feelings of lack of control which can affect their emotional and behavioural development, in turn leading to possible impacts on their intellectual development.

For example, the transition from Primary to Secondary school can be particularly difficult. The majority of children have spent the past seven years working their way through a school where they have come to know the staff, the ethos, the expectations and become comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. By the time they reach

Year 6...