Understand Safeguarding of Children and Young People

Unit 16 - Understand safeguarding of children and young people (for those working in the adult sector)

There is a number of skills knowledge and experiences needed to complete my role as manager successfully. My role is Site management, Management of staff and leadership of resident care. This makes for a large and varied role.

The most important role it to take care of my residents and ensure they always remain safe. I do this by knowing and implementing the safeguarding procedure when needed. To do this I must know all policies and procedures and practices for safe working.

On a day to day basis all staff must be trained in safeguarding. If abuse of any sort occurs this must be reported to the local authority, the providing authority and CSSIW. I must inform next of kin and the police. This is then managed by the local authority and I will support and remain the information provider as required. I may be required to investigate.  

If an allegation of abuse is made I would ask the person who made the allegation to come in to meet me. I would take a statement from that person. This is part of the initial fact finding investigation. From here I can send the information to my HR advisor and area manager and take the matter from there.

I would then invite the accused in for a fact finding meeting to investigate further. If it was established abuse had occurred I would safeguard straight away and cease any further investigation until advised to continue. If abuse has occurred and a resident is at risk then I would suspend the accused pending full investigation.  
If an allegation is serious and places residents in immediate risk I would inform the local safeguarding team immediately of the allegation, and may need to suspend the accused from work immediately pending further investigation. I would take lead from the safeguarding team on any investigation which needs to take place.

Abuse can be described as many things. Sign of abuse can be if a...