Understand How to Provide Support When Working in End of Life Care.

Understand how to provide support when working in end of life care.

Outcome 1

1. Analyse the impact of national and local drivers on current approaches to end of life care.

Talking about death has been known as a taboo subject, something which is very rarely spoken about. Due to this view a lot of people have experienced inconsistent care when faced with the end of their life. Even worse people have been let down by the care system and died without their physical and emotional needs being met. National and local drivers have now been rolled out across the country to assist and promote better, more consistent care allowing more people to have their requests and views respected and acted upon where possible. The department of health launched the end of life strategy in 2008, this strategy outlines 10 basic objectives that covers a person's right to respect, dignity, pain management, maintenance of physical and emotional wellbeing. Ensuring seamless care between all care providers. The Priorities of the care of dying people strategy is another national driver. This driver sets out 5 main priorities when determining and caring for a person at of life. The main points covered by this strategy are to recognise when an individual has reached the end of their life, communicate sensitively between all involved. Maintaining involvement of the individual in all aspects of their care in the last hours, and supporting the needs of the family members were able. The final aspect is to complete a plan of care and carry out the plan, updating regularly. This national driver is deemed a more personal way of approaching information regarding end of life care. The strategy replaced the Liverpool care pathway which was deemed lacking in personalised tailored care and was seen more as an institutionalised system.
      At a local level more training is being provided to all care workers to ensure they are able and competent to provide end of life care. Advanced care plans...