Understand How to Plan and Provide Environments That Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

Within my work setting, the health and safety policy is given to all new members of staff and forms part of the induction training given. Copies of all the policies are displayed on a board in the office room and up to date. There is a health and safety policy in place which is available to staff and parents which outlines the main objectives, these objectives are implemented into the everyday running of the setting .There is a poster displayed in the setting outlining responsibilities.
Health and safety policy is shared with all staff, outlining the main areas. Risk assessments are carried out regularly including a daily check of the environment which is being used, a full risk assessment of tools, equipment and the environment is carried out termly.
The head teacher is the person in my setting who is responsible for health and safety. Any health and safety issues or hazards should be reported to her as soon as possible so she can take appropriate action and stop any use of any equipment she may consider to be unsafe until she is satisfied they are safe. If the floor of the corridors or classrooms are wet and becomes slippery, a wet floor sign must be put up in that area as a warning for a slip hazard. Some checks are required by law. For example, Electrical equipment must be checked by a qualified electrician every year.
Regular staff meetings are held where any issues can be raised and addressed. Children, parents staff and visitors are made aware of any issues concerning health and safety to help minimise any risks and to ensure children are able to thrive in a healthy environment
Other health and safety officers in my setting must ensure that the areas for which they are responsible for, are maintained to high standards, carry out a regular safety inspection of the areas and the activities and when necessary submit a report to the head teacher. They must also ensure that relevant risk assessments are preformed and the results are recorded in the risk...