Understand How to Manage a Team

Understand how to manage a team.
Unit LM1a
Analyse the stages of team development
Bruce Tuckman in 1965 article “developmental sequence in small group” he came up with the phrase forming storming norming and performing
To develop a team can be a challenge in itself as all team members will want to establish themselves
Forming stage
About this model because the team members are new to each other they will be unaware of their roles. There may be lack of skills so reliance on the manager will be heavy as their roles and responsibility is not clear. During this stage as a manager I will have to ensure that the team members have to be directed to work together and make an effort to know each other by establishing clear objectives for both the team as a whole and for every individual team members.
Storming Stage
Storming stage can be difficult time for the leader as this is the stage where there’s conflict between team members   as people work in different strength,   styles and they may have different opinions. Poor leadership and bad communication can be blamed on the leader if the leader does not define the role clearly on how the team should work. Some of the team members may question the worth of the team’s goal and resist taking on tasks. This is an essential part of the development of the team as the team will start to feel positive and closer together.
As a manager I have to establish processes and structures between team members by building trust and good relationship. I will resolve conflicts as soon as they occur by providing support to the team members who feel less secure and carry out mediation with the team members in conflict as there are different styles the staff may be using that their colleagues may not understand. This can be done through supervisions, team meeting and appraisals.
I will remain positive and firm in the face of challenges to my team goals and leadership.
Norming stage
This is the stage when team members start to come...