Understand Health and Safety in Social Care Settings

Unit 8 - Understand health and safety in social care settings

1.2. Describe the main points of health and safety policies and procedures -
A health of social care organzations policies and procedures should always incorporate the key point of health and safety law.This means that a care practitioner will be able to put healh and safety law into practice simply by following their employer’s polices and procedures.This will include policies on; health and safety, safeguarding, reporting of accidents, waste disposal, fire prevention and evacuation procedures, security, cleaning, food safety, dispensing and storing medicines, lone working.
2.1: Define what is meant by 'hazard' and 'risk' -
Hazard - Potential for harm to occur
Risk - The likelihood for harm to occur.
2.2: Describe how to use health and safety risk assessment -
Identifying risks, potential impact, likelihood of occurrence, proposing precautionary measures, reducing risk and costs, complying with legal requirements and policies and procedures of organisation.
2.4: Describe how risk assessment can help adress dilemmas between an individual's rights and health and safety concerns -
Drawing upon legislation/ policies and procedures to justify precedence of health and safety concerns, demonstrating that rights and health and safety requirements are reconciled, ensuring individuals are aware of risksto help them with decision-making, ensuring individuals understand that certain requirements are mandatory.
3.3: Explain why it is important for emergency first-aid tasks only to be carried out by qualified first aiders -
To adhere with policies and procedures of organisation and health and safety legislation. Emergency first aid tasks carried out incorrectly can be dangerous/ increase risks to the individual.
4.3: Explain the most thorough method for handwashing -
Thoroughly, after every contact with potential source of contamination/ before food preparation etc.; including: wetting hands with...