Underground Lighting Market for Mining Application - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth Trends, and Forecast 2015 – 2023

Lighting plays a crucial role in mining industry. The miners depend upon visual cues to detect threats related to falls of ground, slips/trips/falls (STFs), moving machinery, and other safety hazards.All the major countries in the underground mining sector have their set own set of guidelines regarding safe mine lighting systems. These specifications are mostly set according to the type of mining and the internal/external environment of the mines. Usually the lighting devices are tested in government facilities. Also there are set guidelines for the amount of illumination needed in mines and these guidelines vary according to the workplaces.

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Methane that is given off during coal mining can cause underground explosion. Thus, accounting to the threatening conditions, the lighting source used in mining activities should have two basic properties: intrinsically safe and explosion proof. An intrinsically safe light is one in which the current in the light is of low energy to avoid sparks and explosion in case of short circuits. In explosion proof lights, the explosion started by the source is contained in the device itself. Also the device will not become too hot to cause explosion.A low-pressure sodium lamp could not be licensedas the sodium in the lights could leak and mix with the water causing explosion.

The lighting system for underground mines should also have features such as high-levels of brightness and intensity, high output per unit of watt, low-voltage and current requirements, low radiated heat, lightweight, resistant to shock, vibration and atmospheric pressure fluctuations.   The light source should draw constant current instead of constant voltage. The usual standard for any light in the underground setting is to be vigorous, shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. Ingress Protection (IP) is rated at a minimum IP67, but...