Under Hung Single Girder Motorized Bridge Crane

Under hung Single Girder Motorized Bridge Crane

Under hung Single Girder Motorized Bridge Crane Applications:
1.Equipment Assembly.
2.Die Handling.
3.Loading and Unloading.
4.Metal Grinding Cells.
5.Suitable to run on I-beams, W-flanged beams and patented track runways.
6.Practically used in spans of 50 ft and less (Longer spans available up to 100 ft.) with the use of a third runway.
Under hung Single Girder Motorized Bridge Crane Design Details
Something unique to under hung bridge cranes is their ability to be used in applications where the transfer of a loaded hoist and trolley from one beam to another beam is necessary. This can be accomplished through available transfer switches. With the use of these switches, ceiling mounted workstation bridge cranes can be utilized to transfer a load from one bridge to another bridge (from bay to bay), from a bridge to a single spur or to multiple monorail spurs and to transfer an unloaded hoist to a Hospital spur where it can be worked on and maintained with out interfering with critical plant operations.

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KF CRANE is widely used in hoisting operation, for instance, factory, mines, transport materials in the fix span scope, mechanical processing workshop, metallurgical factory and subsidiary workshop, warehouse, material yard and power plant.

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