Ultimate Reality

Ultimate Reality
What is the Christian Catholic Tradition opinion on the concept of ultimate reality?

All Religious traditions believe in a Supreme Being or Ultimate reality. Ultimate Reality in the Christian Catholic Tradition is known as, or referred to as God. Catholics are monotheistic, meaning they only believe in the one God. The Trinity is one of the many beliefs most common to the Catholic Church. It is through the trinity that God reveals himself in 3 dimensions, God the father and Creator, God in flesh as his son Jesus, and God as the Holy Spirit. Although there are 3 essences of God, they all equal to the one God. The Catholic Church states that God is the creator of everything, visible and invisible, spiritual and corporeal beings, such as angels and the visible world, and is the creator of man.

Relationship between God and Humanity
Genesis chapters 1 verse 27 and chapter 2 verses 7 & 21-23, states that God created man in his image. God created Adam, the first man, out of soil from the ground. He breathed life-giving breath into Adams nostrils and from there Adam began to live. God thought it was not suitable for man to live alone and therefore formed Eve, the first woman, out of Adams rib. God gave man the dominancy over the animals and the Earth and had provided Adam and Eve with everything. There was only one thing God had asked of them. That was for them to not eat from the tree of knowledge. In the end, man did eat from that fruit and as a punishment from God, woman were to suffer more from pregnancy and man were to work hard to produce food out of the soil. The human person was created in the image of God in the sense that he or she is capable of knowing and of loving their creator in freedom and of free will. As Christian Catholics, worshipping God and   obeying his commandments is how the catholic church sees

This is just one of the many relationships between God and humanity. Genesis chapters 6 to 9, reveals the story of Noah and the...