Uk Referal Orders

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Referral Orders and Youth Offender Panels
Guidance for the courts, Youth Offending Teams and Youth Offender Panels
Revised December 2012


This Guidance has been revised to take into account legislative changes provided for in the Legal Aid and Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012. It amends the circumstances in which a Court must or may make a referral order as set out in the Powers of the Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000. It also updates and improves the Guidance in the light of experience of the practical application of referral orders since their introduction nationally in 2002.
The referral order is a unique sentence directly involving the local community, by means of the volunteer youth offender panel members, in holding the young offender to account for their actions.
Where a young person is before a court charged with a criminal offence for the first time and pleads guilty, the Court must pass (in most cases) a referral order. The young offender if aged under 16 years old is required to attend a youth offender panel with their parents/guardian or local authority representative if under the care of the local authority and may be required to make restitution or reparation to their victim based on a restorative justice approach. The youth offender panel is headed by two volunteers from the local community and a member of the youth offending team. Under the order the young offender agrees a contract with the panel which can include reparation or restitution to...