U.S. Slavery

U.S.   Slavery
I   think   the   United   States   could   have   been   half   slave   and   half   free.   If   the   North   wanted   to   be   free   and   the   South   wanted   to   have   slaves, I do   not   see why   it   could   not   have   stayed   that   way.   Slavery   in   America   began   when   the   first   African   slaves   were   brought   to   the   North   American   colony   of   Jamestown,   Virginia,   in   1619,   to   aid   in   the   production   of   crops.  
The   North   and   the   South   had   different   beliefs   about   slavery.   The   North   thought   that   slavery   was   not   right   because   it   did   not   follow   the   Constitution   in   that   all   men   were   created   equal.   The   South   believed   that   slavery   was   necessary   for   the   economy   and   that   it   had   been   in   the   world   for   hundreds   of   years   and   that   it   was   a   cultural   belief.   Slavery   in   the   North   lasted   around   two   hundred   years   and   it   never   approached   the   numbers   of   the   South.   Over   time   slavery   flourished   in   the   South   and   failed   to   do   so   in   the   North.   Torn   between   the   economic   benefits   of   slavery   and   the   moral   and   constitutional   issues   it   raised,   southerners   grew   more   and   more   defensive   of   the   institution.   They   argued   that   black   people   were   incapable   of   caring   for   themselves   and   that   slavery   was   a   generous   institution   that   kept   them   fed   and   clothed.   Most   northerners   did   not   doubt   that   black   people   were   inferior   to   whites,   but   they   did   doubt   the   generosity   of   slavery.   By   the   end   of   the   American   Revolution,   slavery   had   proven   unprofitable   in   the   North   and   was   dying   out.   Between   1774   and   1804,   all   of   the   northern   states   abolished   slavery.   Slaves   remained   vital   to   the   South   though.
America‚Äôs   westward   expansion,   along   with   a   growing   abolition   movement   in   the   North,   provoked   a   great   debate   over   slavery   that   tore   the   nation   apart   in   the   Civil   War.   The   Civil   War...