Two Seasons

Two seasons
Xandra Mondella

Everyone knows that if you do not enjoy the weather in Calgary, wait five minutes. Blizzards and Chinooks can be seen in the same day.
Calgarians gladly depend on unpredictable weather. No time is wasted watching weather reports or planning outfits and outings according to the climate. All weather is great here. Visitors who complain can sit in the nearest Tim Horton's where signs read "ALWAYS FRESH." Anyone who opposes is not truly Calgarian and needs to get on the next plane out of here.
And while talking about climate, Calgarians undermine the coldest of weather calling it "mild."
Well in all honesty the weather is 6 months winter and two months "Summer" and 4 months that are sad excuses of transitional weather months. The snow begins in October and ends in April if we are lucky. But seeing snow in June is not foreign. Then there is a few months of warmth that makes everyone believe that the weather is great all year, despite the fact that the snowman in our backyard has not melted yet. And the cycle continues of walking outside of your house shivering, than sweating and then potentially getting beat by golf ball sized hail.
Although many of us own the most expensive winter coats we stay away from them, because wearing them would mean accepting its cold outside. We all own excessive amounts of toques, mittens and scarves but they prefer to hibernate as opposed to coming out for action.   Instead we develop communication through chattering teeth while our hands our dug deep in our pockets and our heads are burrowed in our hoods, as our squinting eyes trudge along to see through the winter weather.
When I went on my first family vacation, we went to California. Which is a big deal because living in Calgary and going on vacation means driving out to Banff, Edmonton or B.C with your half crazy family. And no one goes up to visit northern Alberta because it is boring, isolated and filled with rednecks and oil fanatics. In...