Two Families

Week four weekly response. September 25th2013.

Two families, Chapter 1,2,3. By Harold Johnson.

Harold Johnson introduces himself from his mothers lineage as the proper way he knew how. He lived 200 metres from where the adhesion of treaty No 6 was negotiated and agreed upon in 1889. 11,066 square miles of territory were added to the adhesion which was 200 metres from where he lived; and also a cemetery where his relatives were buried. His grandfather Redmond Bradford , moved his family after they were kicked out of the territory that became Prince Albert National Park. Harold Johnson is from the geographical Centre of Saskatchewan. His view of the treaty is simplified in understanding the circumstance of how the white European gained access and control over the lands and resources of North America. It is ironic that he interrelated the colonization of colonies with the African slave trade into America to make slaves work in the plantation and also the Opuim trade in China.
The pattern of colonizing colonies proves the white supremacy to be a dominating society on other Continents in various part of the world. This valuable information about the treaty, the adoption of the white European as families and cousins is expressed with strong emotions referring to the white supremacy as the Ku klux Klan.“Kiciwamanawak”meant My Cousin. As a Cree and in Cree law,“adoption”in   a ceremony was a form of treaty. In the text, he also tells us about how the belief system of Cree and the laws of the creator deprives Aboriginal people from revenge for their rights because of the law of non interference, choice, respect and responsibility prevents them. Generations before him have held these values and teachings of the laws that   instructs two families to live in harmony and equality. This idea of harmony and equality is valued in the aboriginal community. This is a unique quality that is respected and admired from a non   Aboriginal community. Relatives he mentioned as...