Two Elements of Management

Discuss two of the fundamental management tasks in a business, namely planning, organising, leadership and control



                Introduction 2
1.   Planning 2
1.1   The Importance of Planning 2
1.2   The Dimensions of Planning 2
1.3   The Planning Process 2
1.3.1 Factors of Goals Setting 2
1.3.2 Organisational Goals 2
1.4   Developing the Plan 3
1.5   Implementation of the Selected Plan 4

2. Control 4
2.1 Importance of Control 4
2.2 Control Process 5
2.3 Focus of control 6
2.4 Characteristics of an Effective Control System 6

Conclusion 6

Bibliography 7


I have chosen planning and control as these 2 elements are closely linked.   All the tasks in management are important but these to me are the most important.   The organisation could have the most experienced staff and state of the art technology but if they do not have a plan for the future and control measures in place all their resources will be wasted.   They will not know how to use them for the maximum benefit of the organisation.

Planning is the first task of Management.   None of the other subsequent tasks (organising, leadership and control) can be fulfilled if planning is not done first.

There are several reasons why planning is vital to an organisation:

- It gives the organisation direction; goals are set and worked towards.   It also reduces risks as you are aware of threats in the environment and how to overcome or avoid them.
- Promotes coordination and cohesion between departments and employees of an organisation.   Everyone is working towards the same predetermined goal.   The tasks and goals of the different departments’ all fit into the organisation’s goal.
- It forces managers to consider what threats and opportunities there will be in the future.   It also makes organisation...