Two Broad Coalitions with More Ideogical Differences Within Them

Two broad coalitions with more ideogical differences within them than between them. ‘To what extent is this still an accurate description of the democratic and republican parties?’ (30 marks)
Both parties have no clear leadership which lead the party in a specific way and tell them what to vote on in the US, the only person who may have any influence is the party Bosses, but there are no party whips in the US which keep the members on the Party line Unlike in the UK so therefore the representatives can vote on how they want and not be constricted by the party line as much as long as they keep in some of the major policies.
‘Two broad coalitions with more ideogical differences within them than between them’ relates on how there are different kinds of people within each party so in the Republican party there is liberal and moderate republicans like the governor of New Jersey Chris Christie to the far right hard liners which procide within in the tea party which isn’t an organisation, but is just a group of hard lining conservatives such as Sarah Palin. This is the same within the Democrats there are some quite liberal moderate democrats in which Obama is described as and the Nacy Pelosi the last speaker in the house of representatives   and the first women speaker, and then there are some hard lining democrats which are known as the blue dog democrats and are from the southern states. The same can be seen in the UK within the Conservative party which has a group of backbenchers which go by the 1922 committee which are far right conservatives, with a lot of power and money which are very influential and can cause revolt on the Torry backbenches the same is with the tea party they were partly responsible for the shutdown of the US government due to the new health care being trying to be pushed through and the new budgeting bill.
‘Two broad coalitions’ is said to be due to the two party race between the Democrat party and the republican party which is supported by...