Twenty First Farming Techniques - Farming the Polyface Way

(The following is all obtained by either the Polyface farm website, or from my general knowledge or from either one of Joel Salitin’s books)
“As the problems of the world become more and more complex, the solutions become clear and simple.”   - Joel Salitin.
A more economically practical way of cattle and poultry farming is by using a method called Polyface. This was initially started by Joel Salitin. Polyface is actually the name of the farm, which is situated in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, the farm is run entirely by his family, everyone plays an important role in the smooth running of the family business.
This farming method revolves around making the absolute most out of the available resources without damaging the environment or harming the animals. Joel Salitin says that his family is in the redemption business, their farming technique heals the land, heals the food, heals the economy, and heals the culture of farming with livestock. It can also be seen as a conservative but effective way of farming with livestock.
Polyface Farm is led by “the world’s most innovative farmer” (TIME) and uses no chemicals and feeds over 6,000 families and many restaurants and food outlets within a three-hour radius of the farm.
Another way to describe this method is called profitable diversified farming. Polyface Farm produces food in the best ways that work with nature, not against it. Polyface Farm produces: beef and poultry, among many more, such as pork, turkey and rabbit, but I’m only concerned about these two. The market names for these two products are ‘Salad Bar Beef’ and ‘Pastured Poultry’.
Herbivores in nature exhibit three characteristics: mobbing for predator protection, movement daily onto fresh grazing and away from yesterday’s droppings, and a diet consisting of forage only – no dead animals, no chicken manure, no grain, and no fermented forage, as what is included in the mixture given to feedlot cattle. The goal is to replicate this template as closely...