Twelve Step Program

12 Step Program Visit
Kenocha Campbell
Alvin Community College
RNSG 2213
July 30, 2015

I attended Narcotics Anonymous at New Hope Group of NA on 221 S Gordon St in Alvin, TX (, 2015). The date was June 25, 2015. I chose to go to the Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) group because of the field that I am going into. As a nurse you have to administer different types of medication, including narcotics. Narcotics are easily accessible to nurses and it puts them at risk for using them. Nursing is a very demanding job and can be very stressful. Because of this, many nurses fall into the temptation of substance abuse.
There was no true leader of the group. The meeting format was laissez faire, allowing the group members to be autonomous and also allows the group to “conduct its own affairs in whatever way seems fit to its members” (, 2015). The meeting started with people taking turns reading from a booklet that contained the traditions of the N.A. group. After the text was read, they picked a step from the “12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous” to discuss. That day they covered step eight which states “We made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all” (, 2015). Members of the group took turns sharing. They talked about the people in their lives that were affected by their addiction and how they planned to make amends. Not everyone had to share, but those who were willing could. Towards the end the group members were allowed to share about whatever they pleased as long as it related to recovery. To close the meeting, we all formed a circle and put our arms over each other’s shoulders. We all put our left foot in the circle and every one recited the group’s saying. This is how they close every meeting.
There are two types of meetings: an open and closed meeting. The meeting that I attended was an open one. An open meeting is open to anyone in the public who wishes to attend. Addicts as...