Twelve O'Clock High

Twelve O’Clock High
Leadership and management styles have played an important role in the learning objectives this semester in Supervisory Management. In class we have learned the positives and negatives that stem from the different leadership styles presented. The movie, Twelve O’Clock High, is a film that takes place in 1943 outside Nazi Germany.   It depicts the 918th Bomb Group and the problems that they are having. Throughout the movie we are presented with multiple leadership styles from the commanding officers; Colonel Davenport, Brigadier General Savage, and Major General Pritchard of Pine Tree.
Through Colonel Davenport, Major General Pritchard, and Brigadier General Savage at the start of the film we can see the distinct difference between their leadership styles. General Davenport shows a high concern for his navigator trying to take blame for a navigation error that was his navigator’s fault.   Davenport shows a high concern for his men and a low or medium concern for production leading me to believe he has a country club or middleman management style. On the other hand there is General Savage who seems to have the exact opposite leadership style. Savage is highly task oriented and shows little if any concern for the men of the 918th. Savage has a managerial style mimicking authority compliance. Major General Pritchard shares the same management style as Savage. Shortly after the conversation Davenport is relieved of his duty and Savage is put in control of the 918th.
Pritchard and Savage are both men who believe chain of command stemming from the fact that they are in the military. According to them you must adhere to the chain of command at all times no matter the circumstances. They believe in orders and that orders should be followed exactly.
After arriving at the 918th Bomber Group, Savage is presented with a group of poorly motivated and disciplined men. When he first arrives he notices the laxness of security at the entrance gate along...