“Tv Violence”

“TV Violence”
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According to American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Many people believe that television violence has a negative effect on society because it promotes violence. This statement is true. Children in America watch about four hours of television a day. Television can be a major influence in behavioral growth and forming values. Sadly, more than 60 percent of television programs contain violence. Studies show that both children and teens are affected by this in a negative way.
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According to New York Times
When a child or teen watches a violent program they become more aggressive. Seeing repetitive violence without a consequence lets children think they too can get away with violent acts. Less that 5 percent of violent programs show a consequence of using violence. A 9-year-old boy surrendered after the robbery of a midtown Manhattan bank. His lawyer claimed his crime was influenced by crime programs on television and that he was only playing when he pointed a toy gun at a teller at the bank and demanded money.
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According to turn off your TV by Ron Kaufman
“What a child learns about violence, a child learns for life,” says ACT Against Violence. When a toddler watches television they don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. This causes the toddler to think what he or she is watching is okay and happens all the time. As children get older from ages 6 to 11 their views on violence don’t change. At this age, children will start to show aggressive behavior trying to act like their “favorite characters.” A fifteen year old boy, Ronny Zamora, shot 83-year-old, Elinor Haggart, at her Miami Beach home in a robbery in 1977. The boy’s unsuccessful lawyer argued that violent television...