Tv Program

BanglaVision, a satellite TV channel, is owned by Shamol Bangla Media Limited. Mr. Abdul Haque is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company while Mr. Mohammad Aminul Huq is the Managing Director of BanglaVision. BanglaVision began its formal transmission on 31 March 2006 through satellite Telstar 10 Now APT 2R. This is an infotainment channel.
Bangla Vision on air several many good programs like Front line, Red Signal, Probashi Mukh, Ladies first and many other programs. But I personally like Raat Birate program. It is a weekly program. The producer of this program is Kawnain Saurav. This program on air every Tuesday at 11.30 pm, Bangla Vision. It is an 18 minutes recorded program.
Genre: Raat Birate is a celebrity talk show program. We can fall this program under the Talk show that means the program genre is Talk show.
Theme: In this program anchor hang out with a celebrity at night on the street. And it is a casual conversation. The most amazing part of this program is the amazing night of the city.
Pre Production: There is no script for this program. The program runs away by the anchor. There may be some pre questions ready for the celebrity which may help the anchor to run easily. I think the starting is fictional so In my point of view its little bit fictional. And from the overall face I think it is a low budget but nice program.
Production: This is totally an outdoor program. I seen a lot of episodes of this program, from that experience I think it may shoot by only one camera and one ultra light. And audio record by lapel. Shoots are very as usual because for a low budget. And from my experience several many hand held shoots used also. In this program anchor change a lot, may be producer try to use different anchors on different reasons.  
Post Production: Post production is good. I want to give claps because of their music selection and the synchronization of shot and music.
Graphics: I like the promo and opening sting of this...