Tv on Children

fish, etc. A Scientific American article entitled "Television Addiction" says, "Television can also contribute to childhood obesity by aggressively marketing junk food to young audiences".   The same article says, "According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, most food advertising on Children's TV shows is for fast foods, candy and pre-sweetened cereals."
    In relation with the negatives effects in cognitive, emotional and social aspects, many children
Watch a violent program on television. Sometimes they don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, and they want to do the same that they have watched on TV. Some children have hurt other children or themselves because they tried to imitate what they watched in their favorite TV program. Jeremy Lohr Dr. Jordan 4/17/98 said, "Violence can be viewed in cartoons, soap operas and prime time shows".   Another problem is that when children watch television, it turns off their brain; this affects intellectual developme

Sitting in school, little Jane sits anxiously watching the clock. The teacher is talking to the class, but Jane just can't wait to get home. When the bell finally rings, she runs out of the classroom, and all the way home. After blasting in the house, she runs to turn on the TV. Having nothing more exciting to do, Jane will sit in front of the television until her mom pulls her away for dinner. This is an all to familiar scenario in many American homes today. What many people don't realize are the problems that can develop from young children watching too much TV. Many emerging dilemmas are resulting from this concern. When a young child with a maturing brain sits in front of the TV for several hours every day, it can instigate loss of creativity, impatience, and violence further along down the road.The ability to be creative is an important factor in the development of a young child's mind. By sitting down and watching TV for a couple hours, the child is entertained, but is also not...