Tutankhamen's Tomb

Ancient History Essay

Tutankhamun's tomb was the first tomb to be found un-raided by tomb robbers, which was astonishing for Howard Carter who found the tomb in 1922. The tomb was to be of great importance as it reveals a lot about the life of people in New Kingdom Egypt.   The tomb holds such items as simple as a wooden chest to a chariot which gives us a great depth of information about the life of new kingdom Egypt. Also, the painting as invaluable in the tomb as, arguably, they could hold the greatest and most important information about the life of new kingdom Egypt out of any of the artefacts found in the tomb. The three items that will be explored in greater detail are the wooden chest, the chariot and the wall paintings. These three explore what life was like in new kingdom Egypt in categories such a religion, transport, warfare, leisure and technology.

Pieces of furniture that were found in the tomb have been seen as being some of the most important artefacts found. The furniture such as the wooden chest provides us with a great depth of information to do with the life and death of new kingdom. The Wooden Chest in particular shows a lot. The chest was found in the antechamber near statues of Ka. The chest is covered with paintings that show king tut in battle scenes. On both sides of the chest, we see Tut on a chariot whilst shooting arrows, in battle scenes. One scene is with the Nubians and the other side is with the Syrians. The chest also shows tut as a sphinx in one scene and on top of the chest we see Tut hunting wild animals. The Chest is great as it provides information about categories such as transport, warfare, leisure and technology. As we see tut on a chariot, we see what the transport was like for normal life and for warfare. The bow and arrows and the Nubians and Syrians can also be used to show evidence of what the warfare was like and who the Egyptians fought in new kingdom Egypt. The hunting can be seen as a leisure activity for the...