Turnkey Project Oil Extraction Plant

Zhengzhou Dayang can supply turnkey project OIL EXTRACTION PLANT according to client`s inquirement. With the development of economy and technology, OIL EXTRACTION PLANT is attached more and more people's attention. Recently the researchers use oil extraction plant to produce out edible oil retaining the nutrients and fragrance and delicate taste, also having the characteristics such as delicious,easy to storage.
How is the oil extraction plant works?
Oil extraction plant is refer to soaking the oil material cake in the certain solvent, make the oil and grease dissolved in the solvent, form to mixed oil. Then separate the mixed oil and solid residue (meal), then evaporation and stripping according to the difference of boiling point of the mixed oil, make the solvent vaporization, separate from the oils, get the crude oil(extracted oil). Solvent recycling after condensing and cooling. There are some residual solvent in the meal, after the dehydration and drying get dry meals, the solvent reused after condensing and cooling. This is the process of the oil extraction plant.
Oil extraction plant advantage
a) This is three extractors two separators supercritical oil extraction plant.
b) The extraction pressure, separation pressure and temperature can be automatic and remote controlled by computer. The extractors can work with the way of series, parallel and single. The series valves on the import and export of each oil extraction plant can be controlled by manual operation,
c) The highest working pressure control method of each oil extraction plant during working is by the use of pressure transmitter, safety valve and control signals which is safety and reliable.
d) The oil extraction plant cover of this plant uses hydraulic pressure quick opening structure.The metal contact with material of this plant, such as container inner surface, pipe, valve and so on.
Oil extraction plant featurs
Oil extraction plant featurs
Oil extraction plant featurs
1,All oil...