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Quick Start Guide
UTM 110/120

Sophos UTM 110/120 Quick Start Guide

1. Preparation
Before you begin please confirm that
you have a working Internet connection
and make sure you have the account
information available that was provided
by your ISP.

Congratulations on your purchase of the Sophos UTM appliance to protect
your data networks and computers. This Quick Start Guide describes in
short steps how to assemble the appliance and explains how to open the
web-based WebAdmin configuration tool on the security system from your
administration client PC. WebAdmin allows you to configure every aspect of
the security system.
Scope of supply: Sophos UTM 110/120

Security Notes and
Regulatory Compliance

Sophos UTM hardware appliances

Sophos UTM

This Quick Start Guide
and Security Notes

Support and documentation
For more information and technical
support please visit www.sophos.com/
en-us/support or contact your local

Sophos UTM 110/120 Quick Start Guide

Power supply
and cable

RJ45 Ethernet cable

The security appliances are delivered with a 30-day trial version. During or
after the trial period, you can activate either a) full subscription functionality,
by uploading the Sophos UTM licence file you purchase from your Sophos
partner, or b) base firewall functionality, by creating an account at
https://my.astaro.com and activating the Essential Firewall (EF) key found
printed on the bottom label of your appliance. Please note that the Essential
Firewall key is only used for base firewall functionality: you do not need it to
use your purchased licence.

2. Connect the Device
Connect the ports to the internal (LAN) and external network (WAN)
1)  or a connection to the internal network (LAN) via a patch panel, hub or
switch, you need a RJ45 Ethernet cable (provided).
2)  onnect the eth1 (WAN) network card to the external network. The
connection to the WAN depends...