a presonality that is not hole, not intuch wit it inner being,lives in state of splinterdnss, as represented by individual colors, o combinations of them. a personality that is nt splintad lves in a state of holeness, as represented by white light. a personality that loses tuch wit its soul, that loses the source of tits light is a personality that hs become capable of what we call evil as repre...sented by blackness o darkness. wat we call evil, is the absence of light, of love in all cases. so peole let us no that in this world two beings only exist nd that is the flesh nd the soul. mostly we tend to focus mre on the flesh nd its products forgeting the soul. a psycholo distresd prson is one whose soul nd flesh r not in tuch, they tend to percive the world using only their five senses which only cofuses thm. the combinatin of the five sensory pernality(flesh) nd soul gives us a mre abvanced multysensory personality. u r not that flesh which sits on that chair today o holding that 4ne u r more complex,revernt,braod nd multysensory being who nidz god mre that that house, car,ur money o anything of the physical world which daily r alwys worried bwt. worry bwt ur soul nd wre it must go. our dead late grnd parents shal nva wake nor will jesus desend on a cloud, our souls r the ones which need wakening for they r without god nd without him thre is only dead ur soul rememba ur soul 4get that car or ur flesh but rememba ur soul