The Value of Tuition Reimbursement
Sean Ross Murphy
May 5, 2010
Jennifer Henderson

The Value of Tuition Reimbursement
Tuition Reimbursement is a valuable asset, which if your company offers one should take full advantage of.   Tuition reimbursement is the process in which the employer pays for part of   an employee’s tuition.   The employee must initially pay for or must agree to be responsible for the tuition.   Not only does tuition reimbursement benefit the employee but also the employer.   The employer gains an employee that has a college degree, but also gains knowledge and skills not previously possessed by the employee.
Tuition Reimbursement varies from company to company.   One employer may pay for all of the tuition and books for an employee, while another employer may pay only half or a fixed amount of the tuition.   Another way is a performance based system.   Whereas the grades of   student reflect the amount of reimbursement.   An example of the system is for an “A” in the course 100% of the tuition is reimbursed, while a “B” is only awarded 95% reimbursement, and a “C” is awarded with 90% assistance.   A “D” or below is awarded with no reimbursement (Shoemaker, 2006).  
On the personal level, the employee gains a college education.   The sense of accomplishment that comes with attaining a degree gives the person a little more respect for themselves.   Also, the employee becomes more valuable to the company, by becoming a better trained employee and gaining job specific training at a college level.   Another benefit of tuition reimbursement is that the employee becomes more valuable in the job market.   The bachelor degree opens a door way to not only jobs in your field, but some jobs only require that you a bachelor degree for consideration for employment.   So if you wanted to switch fields at some point in your career then you would be able to have a few more choices.
The employer also benefits, the employer can know that the employee is going...