Tui 101 Case Module 1

Trident University
Delmi Funez
Module 1 Case Assignment
Course Number: TUX 101
Vivian Barrera
19 August 2013

Many people have different ways of learning and it usually starts when they are born. At the same time, people have different learning styles. Therefore, when a person is learning he or she needs to be taught by using the learning style that is more suitable for them. There are various tools, which are used, during analysis and they include; Kinetic Score, Write/Read Score, Aural Score and Visual Score. (Learning Styles Again: Varking up the right tree). Andragogy is a method for adult learning. The andragogical model of adult learning and education developed by Malcolm Knowles. The basis for much of “adult learning theory”, is summarized and reviewed in terms of its assumptions, principles and recommended practices
Throughout my past experiences on colleges’ courses I was able to learn on many different ways. I was able learned faster and retained for longer period of time if I can see what I am doing and I do it myself. According to the Vark system my method of learning by the scores given from the questionnaire kinesthetic; 13, read and write: 11, aural: 9 and vision: 5 I was a multimodal learner. Which explains why I was able to learn with different techniques. As stated on the Vark learning styles 60% of the population fall under this category therefore is not very unusual. (2011 Neil Fleming).
There are many advantages that occur when one knows the learning style that is most suitable. It will be easy to assimilate and communicate information, as I have acquired a better understanding. I mentioned prior I prefer to learn through the use textbooks, instructions, which is my reading and writing, tutorials, discussions, meetings and in class are my aural. But I my highest prefer my kinesthetic the hands on which I am able to use of all my senses when learning.
Knowing my method of learning it is not only going to help me succeed in Trident...