Tu100 Tma 1 Question 1

TMA 01
Answer 1
  (a) I scan over the material once. I then check back over recording information I feel is crucial and important. You can record this information on a computer or simply with a pen and paper. I prefer to use a computer for this so I can copy any quotations (naming the author off course) - however I don’t copy large chunks of text as I feel it is important to read through the information and recycle it in your own words, helping you remember it better. Once I have the information in my own words I like to add bullets for important issues.
  (b) “Will we ever can the spam monster”
  * Spam is probably the best known security threat in the modern world. Nowadays we all use either social media or email so it affects everybody.
  * It started with legitimate business but it was inevitable criminals follow suit.
  * In the early 2000’s criminals worked out ways of sending out spread messages designed to trick people out of their money and data.
  * The primary method of doing this was by using botnets. They could bombard people with dodgy adverts and pay per click fraud.
  * This became a very lucrative criminal activity up until end of the 2000,s.
  * By the end of the 2000’s the industry started fighting back. Spam was effectively managed by individuals and companies. Most emails providers can filter spam for up 99%.
  * However in the first halve of 2014 spam is on the rise compared to the previous year.
  * “The current spammer organisations have learned from the mistakes of the older campaigns” – Flora Chang, threat intelligence product manager at Barracuda.
  * Today spam comes in many forms – pornographic spam, fake pay pal, bank account spam and the old click spam is still there.
  * Modern spam that uses social media can be very miss leading and will catch the most savvy of computer user
  * Using social media spam take advantage of world events that are trending.
  * Sms text spam in the UK is largely for payday...