Dear sir

In light of the recent "restructuring" of the construction department

and the reduction in numbers of technicians in particular i feel the need to

voice my concerns in regards to my role as a teacher And also the negative impact this will have on our facilities and the quality of teaching and learning experience we will be able to provide should these changes take place.

My experience of teaching in the workshop without a full time technician has shown that the safety of my cohort and the learning experience is severly compromised as it is not posible to both

Teach effectivly and watch over sixteen full time students at the same time. when a machine/tool breaks or needs adjustment or materials are required without a technician you have to stop teaching to carry out the required repairs/adjustments leaving the class inadequatley supervised also while teaching or assessing work The technicians Extra pair of eyes looking over the rest of the class to keep them safe is invaluable. Handing out Materials and tools impacts on the time i should be teaching. This is a small selection of a large number of problems that will quickly manifest themselves.

Other areas to consider are who will carry out routine maintenance to tools and machinery

And repairs to instalation bays and boards which require redecoration after each use.1 technician covering 2 workshops will not keep up with this work load.

In my oppinion this will be far too much work for one technician stretched over

2 very different Workshops and i have concerns over who will be required to pick

up the slack. If this is to be teachers then if we are expected to be delivering outstanding teaching removing technicians and expecting teachers to fill in for the time technicians are unavailable will impact negativly on teachers preperation time this would seem to be a very short sighted ill advised method of making savings. As i see it important decisions have been made without...