Meeting 1Name of Organization: New lookJob Role: web designer
Purpose of Meeting: identifying my weaknesses
Date/Time: 10/09/2015   08:30What are the key responsibilities in your job? [What do you actually do?] A web designers responsibilities are to:•Writing and editing content •Designing webpage layout •Determining technical requirements •Updating websites •Creating back up files •Solving code problems |
Topic/Area For Improvement | Discussion | Action | Person
Responsible |
1.  patients  | The meeting which was taking place was discussing patience with my co-workers.Patient is about when someone does what another person says without losing they temper and being furious.The job role that I am taking is a web designer and the company which I am working for is New look.Patients is really important for my job role and company this is because everyone will have they own opinions and they might want to make different decision than me so I will need to be patient and understand what information others are trying to deliver to me.   I have failed using this skill, when I was putting summer outfits on the website on October time when I was supposed to put winter outfit because customers start to buy winter outfits at that time of the month and I wasn’t patient so the customers didn’t bother to buy then.   | I would need to be patient and listen to what my co-workers are saying and if I think that they are not right then I could correct them. | I think it is just me this is because I should give others a chance to give their opinions and also understand what they are saying because this is going to help me later in my job. I should also be able to control myself when I am not patient. |
2.  organisation  | As a part of my meeting I am discussing with my co-workers about organisation.Organisation is about when someone is prepared and arranged for whatever task is given to them so that they can get on with it straight away without ant fuss and wasting time.The job...