Hellenization-to make Greek or act Greek
Darius-king of Persia and main rival of Alexander
Alexander wanted to conquer the world, he took over after his father died, he was king at 20 and ruled for 13 years and died when he was 32
1. City State- the polis, the symbol of Greek culture: a place where citizens could meet, market, debate and vote. The city was the center for culture, and played an integral role in the communication of that culture through education.
2. Language- This was the most powerful tool and the Greek language basically became the world’s language, until the Romans came in about 3 A.D. and Greek became a dead language. It was used in government, trade, and everywhere. The Septuagint became scripture for Hellenistic Jews and later for Christians.  
3. The third tool of Hellenization was religious syncretism. Local gods such as Baal, the high god of ancient Canaanite mythology, were systematically identified with their Greek counterparts, such as Zeus Olympus. The idea was to reduce local allegiances in favor of more universal ones.

Saul was the first king and came from the tribe of Benjamin


Took place in Babylon

  * The king was Nebuchanezzar
  * The king has a dream, and wants the wise men to tell him the dream and the interpretation, no one but Daniel is able to interpret it.
  * In the dream there was a statue the head of gold was Babylon, the silver was medo Persia, the bronze was Greece, the iron and clay was Rome and the last one was a European Union
  * The king Cyrus sends what’s left of the jews back
  * Pompey of Rome then conquered Jerusalem in 63 BC
  * Caesar Augusts, known as Octavius before his appointent as Emperor of Rome was born in the same year that the Roman Empire took control of Jerusalem
  * Augustus was the first emperor of Rome and he ruled from 27 BC till his death in 14 AD
  * Pax Romana= Latin for the “Peace of Rome”   Jesus was even...