Ts1303 Teaching and Learning

-Assessment Two: TS1303 Evaluation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Before commencing this evaluation I took into consideration all of the groups learning needs.   I chose my first year students because they were relatively new to the college, I felt these students were more reserved with their opinions and I needed honesty with their feedback to obtain a true evaluation of my teaching. These students ages range from sixteen to forty-two, the class would normally consist of twelve students but there were only ten available to complete the evaluation questionnaire.
I have worded these questions to suit all learners; they are designed to allow the student to be more constructive in their feedback. These students have been reassured that their feedback will remain anonymous and my findings will be acted upon where necessary to help improve my teaching.
I have included two open questions for the students to personally comment on, these questions will give them more freedom with their answers where there is a shortfall in my quantitative designed questions. I had asked my students to study the questions before answering to find out whether they thought the questions were leading and asked their opinion on questions they felt uncomfortable with. The students were happy enough to take part and agreed the questions gave them the opportunity to express themselves honestly without feeling pressured.   Asking the students their opinions on the questions has enabled me to obtain a true evaluation of my teaching.
Quantitative questions used in evaluation:
            1. How would you rate tutorial demonstration and coaching in the workshop?
            2. Are the instructions easy enough for you to understand?
            3. As an individual do you feel that learning is shared equally?
            4. How do you rate your tutors listening skills?
            5. Are you encouraged by your tutor’s feedback?
            6. Is the work challenging your...